TechBase10 is a new network for IT professionals, entrepreneurs, and businesses working with the Kentucky Innovation Network to grow the IT economy in Kentucky. Our motto: Connect. Create. Collaborate.


To grow the economy of Kentucky by strengthening the IT sector. We will accomplish this by creating a network of IT professionals and businesses who want to grow their products and services. Our motto: Connect. Create. Collaborate. The network will be membership driven and led by professionals within the Kentucky Innovation Network, allowing IT professionals to focus on what they do best and the day to day nuts and bolts of organizing left to economic development experts with resources to support their needs.


TechBase10 will function as a network for IT professionals, entrepreneurs, and businesses throughout Kentucky who work with the Kentucky Innovation Network. The goal of TechBase10 is simple: grow the IT economy in Kentucky by focusing on IT based businesses. We want to see these businesses grow and in the process grow our economy.

Our Approach

TechBase10 will be a community space and network of entrepreneurs and technology developers who connect to share ideas, create cool and state-of-the art technology, and collaborate to learn new skills in technology development, innovation, and entrepreneurship. We plan to become a leading organization in advancing technology AND technology entrepreneurship. Through online dialogues, webinars, and robust forums, you can accelerate your skills and company growth.

The intent of this community is to provide hundreds of professionals with information, education, advocacy and networking resources to bring excellence to technology companies and accelerate their growth.

If you are a technology developer or entrepreneur and would like to have a platform to learn, lead, market your skills, and grow your network, then is the place for you!


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